The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a voluntary public service program in India that aims to develop the personality and character of students through community service.Its primary objective is to create a sense of social responsibility, empathy, and selflessness among young people. The scheme promotes the idea of "Education through Service" and encourages students to actively participate in various community development activities.

The National Service Scheme Unit 180 of Aspire College of Advanced Studies Thrithala has been

functioning well with so many activities furnishing development to the volunteers as well as the

community. In the regular activities so many

community development programmes , webinars , awareness programmes ,observation of national

festivals etc were successfully conducted with the support and participation of the volunteers. It's operations were not only extended to the various fields of human activity but also well planned and appropriately set to meet the targets. Each activity was planned with definite and distinct objectives. And we are happy that we could carry it out effectively.

Program Officer-    Mr.  Unnikrishnan K V       National Service Scheme  Unit 180





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